Investment Ideas

KCE: KCE Electronic Public Company Limited

The Phoenix will rise again: Turnaround operation in 2020 from new S Curve product with long term growth prospect. KCE (KCE:TB) core business is the production and distribution of custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), manufactured from copper clad laminate under the KCE trademark. KCE's pcb products are used in a wide variety of applications including … Continue reading KCE: KCE Electronic Public Company Limited

PRM: Prima Marine (Update 1q19)

Speculating on 1) Turnaround of FSU business and 2) Better perform in Oil tanker business.                 PRM operates oil-related businesses 1) Oil tanker logistic both domestic route and international route 2) Floating storage unit service (Oil and petrochemical products stored in vessel competes with onshore tank) 3) Floating storage and offshore exploration service which mainly … Continue reading PRM: Prima Marine (Update 1q19)